A Problem Decomposition Scheme for Distributed Problem Solving

Yasuhiko Kitamura, Shoji Tatsumi, Takaaki Okumoto, and S. Misbah Deen (University of Keele, DAKE Centre)

'94 Japan/Korea Joint Conference on Expert Systems,71-76, 1994.


To deal with large-scale and/or geographically distributed problems, a number of expert systems should be combined through communication networks, and distributed problem solving (DPS) techniques are required to make such a group of expert systems works effectively. In DPS, if a given problem can be decomposed and allocated properly, the performance will be increased because of high parallelism and small communication overhead. Most of DPS techniques so far have been using such problem decomposition knowledge in explicit or implicit ways, and such knowledge is assumed to be given a priori. In this paper, we proposed an automated problem decomposition scheme based on knowledge hierarchy which can be applied to problem domains where problem decomposition knowledge is not given a priori.

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